When we arrived at chapter 6, we discover another sorts of possibility to the preaching out of the fresh new gospel

19 However, Peter and you may John responded, “Be it before God to help you obey your in lieu of Goodness, you decide, 20 because of it try impossible for us to not speak about everything we have observed and you may heard” (Serves 4:19-20; see 5:27-32).

So they kept this new council rejoicing because they had been considered worthwhile so you’re able to sustain dishonor for the sake of title (Serves 5:41).

29 And today, Lord, hear its dangers, and you will give on servants to dicuss the phrase having high courage, 29 while you stretch your own give so you’re able to fix, in order to result in miracle cues and wonders from title of holy servant Jesus.” 30 After they got prayed, where these were built along with her are shaken, and they was in fact most of the full of the fresh new Holy Soul and you may began to speak the expression out of Goodness fearlessly (Serves cuatro:29-31). Read more