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The fresh new is actually a grand-scale internationally event. Of course, such account are merely a little testing regarding things much bigger.

It provides this new information that helps older theories in regards to the character of your own environment changes. More info throughout the messages is demonstrated, particularly a link with the quantity 23 (eleven + step 1 + 11).

The newest Universal Date. This may be the primary reason for the fresh new coincidence phenomena. Particular say here is the “avoid of your energy,” if you don’t “Doomsday.” We while some believe that it is the end of good grand period of your energy and the start of a separate that, which can be very self-confident.

Certain have the because the a caution of some thing bad. Someone else notice it as confident improvements. My education suggest that it has been in the alter, having a demanding area, followed by an even more self-confident scenario. Of numerous say the brand new is an excellent “wakening calll,” and that i consent.

Goals and you can specific pick sectors mean a general change in the fresh sixth areas of one’s Tree off Lives, to create Tipharet (Beauty), and therefore represents the fresh new 4th Center Chakra

A great spiral collect formation starred in 2007, followed by an excellent spiral on the sky in 2009 more than Norway. Read more