Another reason why 90% of casual daters meet online is the possibility of keeping your sexual affair secret from others

C-date search: If you click on the option “search criteria” you will find a very nice search tool that you can personalize in order to look for the profiles you are most interested in.

  • The sort of person you are looking for: in this option, you’ll have the chance to define the sexual orientation of your match as well as their family status.
  • The location where your match would ideally be. Here you can specify not only the country and the region but also the subregion. You can also add different regions or subregions in case you’d like to broaden your radar.
  • Ideal match: perhaps one of the most important sections of the search filter. Here you have the chance to detail how your ideal match would look like. You can specify a range of age as well as a range of height. If you want to enter into more detail, you can also specify the ideal shape, hair length, hair color and eyes color. The beauty of Casual online dating with C-Date is that you describe your dream, and the C-Date find the perfect person for you to share your dream with!
  • Sexy preferences and encounters: in this final option, you can be more naughty and choose the sexual preferences you’d like your match to have: lingerie, role games, unusual places, fetish…the only limit is your imagination!

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Compared to picking up a stranger in a pub or a nightclub, C-date Australia offers a high level of safety when it comes to choosing the right person for a One Night Stand – especially for those who don’t want to miss on sexual experiences but are afraid of bringing a complete stranger home. Read more

My other great love for when I’m wanting something sweet is Animal Crackers

I wanted to be settled. And as usual he breathed into my soul the words I needed to hear. This is our stepping stone to bigger things. This is where we will have our first home completely together. We’re so involved in this community it’s time to come home to it. As long as we are together, we can make anywhere home. I know it’s not a house that makes a home. I know it’s the people. Read more