SnapSext : The Mobile SnapChat of Sex App

Snapchat has become the latest most widely used social networking app and it’s quickly getting surpassed by the new Snapsext site. With an incredible combo of video and messaging technologies, it’s made it easier to find someone to have fun with locally to send naked pics, video clips and most importantly have sex. Read my SnapSext review and find out why this is referred to so often as the “Adult Facebook” and “SnapChat of Sex”.

I decided to try out another mobile based sex dating site the other day. This site is known as the Snapchat of sex with more naked video chatting than any other. To be honest, I wasn’t sure about SnapSext at first. It seemed to be just another pay fling site that had a lot of flash, but little results. Who knows? Maybe I wouldn’t even have tried it if I didn’t really want to review it. After experiencing what I did on SnapSext for these first 3 months, I must say that I’m pleasantly surprised and very glad I didn’t pass it up. As with every other dating site, you do have to deal with some undesirable messages and a few girls never bothered to respond, but it was worth the hassle. In the end, you get real results with this.

The SnapSext Rundown

The first thing that stood out about SnapSext was the interface. That’s another reason why I thought it was all flash and no substance. There are many buttons and search criteria to help you find the hottest chicks that are your type. Read more