Heteropessimism include performative disaffiliations that have heterosexuality, usually shown when it comes to regret, shame, or hopelessness about upright sense

Heterosexuality was nobody’s individual disease.

“Heterosexuality always embarrasses myself,” Maggie Nelson admits throughout the Argonauts, a book just after thus rabidly common certainly one of women and queers you to definitely my earliest backup is swiped off my handbag within good dyke bar inside the 2016. Nelson’s confession enjoys constantly struck me personally because the diagnostic of your most recent second, in which indictments away from heterosexuality have become things away from a great meme. Yet , while i expected the woman regarding it through the a good Skype phone call held from the a sex-studies working area having graduate people, she backtracked. Denying that she actually is ashamed of the heterosexuality overall, Nelson advertised one she’s only humiliated by the her very own heterosexuality, of the moments inside her lifestyle when she’s entertained-otherwise suffered from-an intimate destination to help you cis guys. Read more