I put them very first since the i love em

She covers in which their slices is and just how they harm, will get demonstrate to them in order to her mother and you will Jason (?) or man buddy.

Tammy Says “You are sure that you ought not risk have to go to Riverdale.” As well as says to the girl to turn into white in her room.

Katelyn says, “I dating connexion know. Riverdale is the place Riverwoods Behavioral Health Program, Medication Studio was “Heck, this new treatments actually functioning.” She will get altered regarding space into the t-clothing.

to 1: Tammy states (in regards to the cutting) “Don’t let yourself be doin’ that no more” and you can says “go get me the fresh shaver knife.”

Child friend (?) speaking to their as well. Tammy: “You understand you can purchase a myriad of infection out of carrying out you to definitely? (cutting). hepatitis. ” They both state “They do not matter” regarding some thing Katelyn states regarding the razors. Upcoming Tammy says something such as “and additionally i don’t want to dump my kid”

Tammy requires Katelyn if she failed to bring the lady medication past. Can’t pay attention to Katelyn’s answer. A plane was flying more near the truck.

Doing from the step one: and you may specifically step one: Tammy is talking to the mobile phone throughout the Morphine, morphine 60 mg to own 20 dollars an element, plus it isn’t really something which she’d obtain the person or something like that like that (dealing)

“I would pick specific” “I will build a phone call to you personally.” This can be an observance that someone made in this new youtube statements around one of several copies from the stream. Read more