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An illustration 47-year-dated male. (A) The latest sleep amount across the whole night annotated by the specialist (hypnogram). (B) The newest predict sleep levels on deep sensory system using ABD respiration just like the enter in. (C) Analogy 60-s ABD segment out of for every single bed phase that’s truthfully categorized features the best predicted likelihood of you to phase. Additional color match the fresh triangle markers towards the almost every other boards, and this suggest the region of the analogy about entire nights tape. (D) The newest spectrogram of your own ABD respiratory rule. Brand new y-axis implies brand new regularity.

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The same as Shape 5, proving an example 39-year-dated females utilising the bumble username Roentgen highs from ECG just like the enter in. Committee C reveals the latest Roentgen highs represented since a binary sequence (find Strategies). (D) New spectrogram of the Roentgen level times.

The same as Shape 5, proving an example 39-year-old female by using the Roentgen highs of ECG while the input. Read more