Heterostyly with (a) a couple otherwise (b) about three alternative phenotypes

Profile step three.thirty six Mechanical traps to help you mind-pollination. Anthers (short ovals) is actually transmitted because of the ?laments of different level (perhaps not shown); correspondingly, brand new V-designed stigma goes up along the ovary (high oval) borne towards the a style of different lengths, enough time (l), typical (m) or small (s). Solutions having crossing are portrayed because of the arrows.

This new diploid cells you to definitely range the interior walls of the anthers, in which pollen is actually delivered, deposit on wall structure of one’s latter the term situations from both alleles of one’s autosterility locus

Profile step 3.37 The typical primrose (Primula vulgaris) is a good example of a herb creating several different kinds of bisexual ?owers, and therefore disagree regarding relative period of stamen ?laments and magnificence (distyly). Read more