Luckily for us there are numerous solution dating programs such as for example Happn otherwise Scruff

Means the phone’s GPS to a fake location happens to be the new most effective way to guard your local area on Grindr or other relationship programs. Do remember, however, that you will be matched up that have users that will be around the spoofed location, rather than your actual area. In spite of this, spoofing could be extremely beneficial: you can always select a place which is not all the miles that you’re. By doing this, possible fits with others in the area, you would not share your genuine area.

Possibly it might not end up being fair towards time once you explore a phony venue. Therefore, it’s entirely great to create in the procedure throughout an initial otherwise second go out, so you may not be recognized as a great catfish. Discuss the chances to to alter your Grindr area and you may cam concerning the professionals. Almost always there is a go that people sitting across from you provides the same concerns for privacy and cover since you create. Perhaps however actually need understand it.

Fool around with a choice relationship app

In some instances an android Emulator functions in combination with a great GPS location faker, such FakeGPS 100 % free. However, it is including a big detour so you’re able to properly appreciate the relationships software so it would be more straightforward to switch to several other software.


Grindr is continually going after options to have problems that profiles have discovered. Read more