This is regarding ‘bitch’ within Morocco is yet another interesting story

Inside Morocco, if a female was a cunt this means she actually is individuals which activates freely when you look at the intercourse, try flirtatious, most likely smokes, possibly drinks, and you may full prospects an effective scandalous lives

Work or hijab. I think it was a lay, but I hated to see the girl locked to the getting a subservient person in it society. It is approximately equivalent to slut. Maybe not good prostitute, not from you to definitely.

Their in question does not love an enthusiastic Arab however with one whom typified the latest Arab community in order to Victorian The united kingdomt

I inquired Hanane as to why females ought not to smoke. Frankly, I really don’t consider this lady has previously indeed considered new as to why. The girl address was you to definitely simply males smoking whenever a woman tobacco than just she actually is good ‘bitch’. She told you it was haram and that i questioned the girl whether or not it is actually forbidden about Q’uran and you may she said, zero apart from the newest edict claiming we should perhaps not fool around with intoxicating compounds otherwise harm your body. Read more