If you ask me, it absolutely was surely the phone, along with your case proves that Tinder can track a cell phone

No this time i did not have an alternative solution phone therefore I signed in my own apple store with a new apple id and new Sim card and downloaded Tinder. Signed into neighbours WIFI that we never ever made use of prior to. Brand new e-mail adress, latest telephone number, brand-new photographs. And I is right away blocked once again. Thus probably it recognized my phone considering that the phone nevertheless utilizes exact same fruit ID.

The accounts before was created by my pal on the mobile along with her fruit id, and do not made use of before phonenumber but since I have cannot need the lady phone I finalized the fresh account into my personal cellphone and was actually banned. Therefore may seem like it’s the phone which makes an issue. Or they really do bring face identification today.

I am actually thinking of spending anyone to become me back my membership haha i cannot end up being bothered anymore with new figures, e-mail adresses etc when I don’t have a lot of usage of this at the moment in Indo.

Most, very interesting. Unusually enough, I made use of the same back-up iphone 3gs I’ve have for a long time generate an account lately, therefore worked. I’d taken a few months to focus on might work though.

Perhaps your best bet would be to pick up a second-hand earlier iphone 3gs or Android telephone for less or make an effort to need someone else’s to find out if the bar nonetheless causes. I’m your own aches. Read more