Straight back within place of work, Yuuko simply leaves immediately following reporting how it happened

Kyouko says to MC you to definitely Yuuko has most probably set-up numerous personalites, because of individuals means such as for example “getting a beneficial d of hackers”, and then “seeking to cut the nation”.

Kyouko requires MC for taking a glance at the noticeboard for the Nakano Boradway observe precisely what the citiznes try as much as. At the noticeboard, MC finds messages remaining there, mentioning specific strange takes place in Nakano, and blaming the brand new private investigator for all these types of unusual occasions.

Straight back of working, Kyouko sets upwards a consult from the Nakano Broadway Management’s stead, that was to ascertain the cause of most of these strange occasions. Coping with the fresh Occult group, it check for out the truth anywhere between such cuatro uncommon happenings: “Around three Legged Matthew” , “Rattle rattle”, “Passing Reaper Lift”, “Mr Scraggly”. MC works closely with the Occult group to find out the way it is, and that actually is a vintage man with a strolling adhere delivering a walk at the cuatro have always been , up coming bringing a lay during the K-Eatery. Read more